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Ken Sakaguchi's work has many faces. ----Anger and aggressiveness, sorrow and foolishness, joy and pain, the din of the city, heartbeats on the streets, madness hiding within peace,life and death. In other words, humanity and everything arround it. Above all, he is trying to express the human condition_the feelings that occur as long as human beings breathe, walk, sleep and live on this planet. Regardless of the theme of the project: daily life, madness, anti-war, or the world, those who are looking straight at it or rather from side to side, are none other than him and us. This most original and universal theme is very close to something I want to express through music. It's rough and raw texture and stripped down of people_we love people and want to live like humanely. I don't think there is another guy quite like him:so sincere and clumsy when it comes to living, sometimes laughing and crying so much that he gives a bad impression.
KEN SAKAGUCHI : Born in Kagawa prefecture in 1964. Graduated in design from Takamatsu College of technology.
Besides his one-man shows. The man who Designs Rock'n Roll, Come Bleed for Our Rights. and Dead Start, he has exhibited at many national and international exhibitions. including the N.Y.ADC, the Lahati Poster Biennale, Brno International Graphic Biennale, and the Toyama Triennale. He has also worked closeely with musicians, and has worked as a commercial art director.
He set up Sakaguchi Ken Factory in 1990.
2002.03.21 __ www.ken-factory.com OPEN
It's SAKAGUCHI KEN FACTORY. Now on you can see my newest situation, We newest thoughts, stupid thoughts, and etc in real time in this page . Check it out!. This will be the place where We can say whatever We want to say. This will be the place where you can see what you want to see.
このページでリアルタイムな我々の最も新しい考え、愚かな考え、など チェックしてください。
これは、私たちが何でも言うことができる場所であり、 あなたが見たいものを、見ることができる場所です。
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